5 Alternative Family Holidays

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It's that time of the year to start thinking about summer holidays. I've brainstormed lots of ideas for alternative family holidays to suit all ages –  the toddlers, the teenagers and the big kids! 

1. Barcelona

Why not mix up a sun holiday and a city break! I fell in love with the vibrant, colourful metropolitan city of Barcelona. It is the perfect place to mix a city break and beach holiday. Fly into Barcelona and spend a few days exploring the city before heading up the coast to finish the holiday in a beach resort.

While in the city - enjoy wandering around the delicious La Boqueria food market. If you have teenagers, why not try something different and explore the Gothic Quarter on segways or take a boat trip to see the city from a different perspective. All ages will love the cable car to Mont Juic to watch the sunset. The best way to end the day is with the magic fountain display.

For some relaxation - after your city adventure, head to a nearby coastal resort for your relaxing holiday. The coastline in either direction is full of beach resorts, activities and water sports. Camp sites are very popular and a fun way to spend a relaxing holiday with the kids.


2. Disney - Where Dreams Come True

Whether you are a single parent or a family heading off, this will be the holiday which will make your kids dreams come true. Yes, you have guessed it… Walt Disney World (Florida) and Walt Disneyland (Paris). It will be the holiday they will always remember.  If you have young kids, I would recommend pencilling in 3-4 days to explore the park and meet all the characters. There is a lot to see and do and it can be exhausting for the little ones. To avoid any meltdowns from tired legs, spread out the adventure over a few days.

If you have older kids, you might just get the park done in a day or two. You could also mix it up for the older kids and pencil in a city or relaxing break afterwards. If you’re at Walt Disney World you could spend a few days exploring the Florida Quays or from Walt Disneyland, why not plan a city adventure to Paris?

A few Disney Tips

    • Keep an eye on the times of the parade… you don’t want to miss this. Especially for the little kids. Get there at least 40 minutes before to get a good spot to view the parade.
    • Get the Disney FastPass+ before your trip. It allows you to plan your day and book a certain number of attractions and experiences before you get there.
    • Try to get your fast pass to see Mikey Mouse at the end of the day… the perfect end to a magical day.


3. Island Hopping

Island hopping in Croatia – of all the holidays I have been on this is one that sticks out in my mind the most! It is a holiday of a lifetime. Thousands of unspoilt island and picturesque turquoise seas. What I loved about it was that every day you got to explore a new island, all while learning how to sail. It was something completely different.

While on the trip, there was also a family on board with kids aged 10 and 15 and they had an amazing holiday. Bonding together as a family while exploring and learning a new skill.

Out of all the places I’ve visited and things I have done all over the world this is in my top three. 


4. Rent A Villa

If you are thinking about heading away with a young family this summer, you will need your own space and facilities. A hotel might not have the freedom required for small kids so why not rent a villa? Be sure to check out the reviews from previous visitors who have stayed in the villa and learn a little more about the place before you book. You can rent a villa in France, Spain, Portugal or even rent a country cottage at home in Ireland, the choice is yours.

When deciding what location to book just always remember the weather… you don’t want to have it too hot for little ones. September is always a nice time to go away and the weather is a little bit cooler in Europe. You might even save a little as it will be out of the tourist season. The villa will allow you to feel at home with all the facilities you might need and it allows you to move at your own pace and enjoy spending time with your family.


5. Route 66

If you are really looking for a memorable holiday why not do Route66 as a family? Go on the adventure of a lifetime. Rent a camper van and head off on a road trip to remember. This is a holiday that the older kids will love.

Be sure to plan out some fun outdoor activities as well as the sites along the way so the kids can burn off some energy during the day. Head on hikes, visit the landmarks, try fun activities, play cards at night by the campfire.

The best part of it is that you get to enjoy each day exploring a new location and a new adventure.


I hope this helped you to think outside the box for summer holidays. Just remember -  it’s all about making memories together as a family. Memories you will cherish forever. Happy Travels.

Stephanie Lynch

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