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Active April - Super Troopers & Active School Week

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Active April!

It’s April. This means you’ve made it more than half-way through the school year and you’re now on the home stretch! By now, you’re a dab hand at all things school related – you’ve got the lunches down, the homework routine (kind of) in order, and you no longer worry about forgetting PTA meetings, signing forms and paying for activities. It’s firmly engrained in your mind by now and you could do it all in your sleep.

So, now that the school year is slowly starting to wind down, you’re probably wondering what’s coming up in April that your team of Super Troopers will be coming home nattering about. If you haven’t heard tell of it already, Active School Week is just around the corner, taking place this year from April 23rd- 27th in all primary schools across the country. Chances are your tots will have a thing or two to tell you about what their school has in store, as it’s a very important week in the school calendar, embraced and welcomed by teachers and principals.

Each year, the Department of Education provides lots of suggestions for games, activities and challenges for teachers to try with their pupils during Active School Week. If you’d like to get in on the action with your Super Troopers and extend Active School Week into your weekend at home, we have some suggestions for how you can get involved, and have fun!



For a mix of creativity and physical fun, why not give kite making and then kite surfing a go! Making your own kite is surprisingly easy and a great way to flex both creative and physical muscles. There are a number of different options to consider when making a kite and a quick google search will yield a variety of options from simple to complex, but to get yourself on the right track, you will need the following:

  • Bamboo or strong twigs to build a sturdy support frame
  • String or sellotape
  • Old newspaper or a plastic bag

To make your frame, simply take both bamboo sticks and make them into a cross. Using string or sellotape, secure the sticks in place. Cover the sticks with either your newspaper or plastic bag and you’re ready to decorate!

One you’ve completed your kite, get ready to show it off outdoors. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are plenty of fantastic kitesurfing spots around Ireland to check out, but all you really need is at the great outdoors and a spring in your step. Have fun!


Spring cleaning

April is a great month of the year for a spot of spring cleaning. You’re welcoming the brighter days, longer evenings and (slightly) warmer weather, which means you’re probably ready to banish your winter gear to the attic for the summer months. While every day chores around the house can be a nuisance and something that we dread, we actually burn a surprising number of calories over the course of 30 minutes of scrubbing floors, cleaning windows and gardening. And the sense of satisfaction from a job well done is even better! If cleaning with your tots sounds a little too taxing, we have plenty of inspiring suggestions for both indoor and outdoor activities that you can download over at


Whatever way you decide to get active with your Super Troopers this month, Super Troopers with Laya Healthcare hopes you have the most amount of fun and enjoy as a team. Good Luck!

Selda Simsek

Selda is the Sponsorship Brand Manager for Laya Healthcare. With a wealth of knowledge in the Sports and events industry, Selda’s career has spanned across, marketing, sponsorship, events, PR and internal communications over the past 12 years. With her experience both at home and abroad she has worked for leading brands and their partners such as Virgin Mobile Australia, The Cancer Council NSW, Leinster Rugby, Bank of Ireland, Guinness, Life Style Sports and many more. Leaning on her creative flair, Selda has a keen interest in photography and design. She’s also an advocate of CSR and a keen jellybean on the importance of brand culture and engagement.