Our strength lies in analysing data and our commitment to a connected health approach. This means that while other providers might give you an ''off the shelf solution'', at laya healthcare we use your data to help us build bespoke wellness programmes and innovative health and wellbeing solutions specific to your company's needs. Our experience shows that this approach genuinely makes a positive difference to the health of your team. All our programmes are underpinned by Ireland's largest corporate team of clinical experts who are at hand to design and manage your programmes and support your team.

The following outlines how we are different in our approach to health and wellbeing solutions for your company;


Because we believe in data-driven, evidence based health & wellbeing

The foundation of Thrive Health & Wellbeing is the use of your data to establish your bespoke programme. The goal is to turn your employee health, wellness & engagement data into useable information, and that information into insight, and those insights into priorities. To get started, we will collate all data available to us to provide you with a 360 degree picture of your company's health. This provides a benchmark from which to build.


Like real-life, our programmes are always developing and evolving to reflect what people want

Laya healthcare is the leading provider of health and wellbeing services in Ireland with nearly 20 years of delivering a range of services & programmes. Built on this experience, we are proud to have the biggest team of clinical professionals in Ireland who always have their finger on the pulse of what should be next for our members and how best to deliver them. This enables us to come to you with suggestions as to how to integrate new thinking, processes and subject matter so that your team feels supported and understood, year on year.


Lastly, but most importantly, is that Thrive is absolutely focused on you

We know that all of our members, in different ways, want to live and be better every day. We will help you do that. When looking after your employees, you want a programme that’s engaging, can be benchmarked and delivers results. With your employees in mind they will want to be empowered, interested and encouraged with their own personal goals and results. We can make sure that both you and your team feel valued, engaged and understood.

Our unique approach

We have a unique approach to our client meetings when starting your health and wellbeing journey. Although all the services and programmes that Thrive Health & Wellbeing offers provide a solid foundation for health and wellbeing in your company, our experience has shown us that the best results come from a collaborative approach. Most of our clients also want to use health and wellbeing as a recruitment and retention tool, and want to improve employee engagement and productivity whilst at the same time reducing absenteeism. With all of this in mind we take a wellness review called HealthScore when meeting clients. This approach or 'journey is illustrated below.

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