With responsibility for people's health and wellbeing falling on employers, Occupational Health can play a vital role in supporting employees to put in place an effective framework. Occupational health services improve the health of the working population, help prevent work-related illnesses, provide early interventions for those who develop a health condition thus preventing avoidable sickness absense and increase the efficiency and productivity of companies.

What we do

We have a wealth of experience in providing onsite and offsite occupational health solutions to our clients. Our services include;

  • Support to employers to develop a health workplace culture, contribute to a company's success and assist with compliance requirements
  • Providing early intervention to help prevent people being absent for health reasons
  • Helping to improve opportunities for people to recover from illness while at work
  • Assisting the workplace in promoting individual health and wellbeing and enhance employee wellbeing and engagement
  • Facilitiating healthy workplaces to protect people from harm
  • Providing a centralised administration so we provide one number and email address to get access to a network of over 30 locations nationwide. All reports are issued centrally and there is also one contact for account management making it simple and efficient for our clients.

How we are different

Laya healthcare’s Occupational Health team provide all the following:


Largest Provider of OH & Wellness Services in Ireland


Specialist OHP's & OHA's nationwide


Qualified and experienced OHP's including Active Case Management Framework




Centralised operations for nationwide support


48 hour turnaround time for appointment and report

Connected Health Model

Linking Occupational Health and Wellness which improves the holistic wellbeing of the employee


Utilisation of the most modern technological solutions (eOPAS, TM2)

Some example of our occupational health solutions include:

Pre-Placement Health Assessments

To determine during the recruitment process whether a potential employee is medically able to meet the demands of a position and effectively perform the proposed tasks in a safe manner.

Sickness Absence Assessment

An independent assessment of a potential medical condition of an employee whose absence from work is becoming a cause of concern, considering potential work accommodations that may be considered.

Disability Evaluation

An independent assessment using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) as a framework to give five impairment classes which permit the rating of the patient from no impairment to most severe.

Ill Health Retirement

An independent assessment of the health of a candidate regarding the existence of permanent disability rendering the candidate unable to ever return to the job.

Health Surveillance

This includes specific testing to detect health problems that can arise in connection with a particular occupation.

Biological Monitoring

The measurement and assessment of workplace agents or their metabolites (substances formed when the body converts the chemical) in exposed workers e.g. samples of breath, urine, or blood, or any combination of these.

Ergonomics and DSE Assessments

Applies information about human behaviour, abilities and limitations and other characteristics to the design of tools, machines, tasks, jobs and environments for productive, safe, comfortable and effective human use. DSE Assessment is an assessment of equipment that has a graphic display screen such as conventional display screens, laptops, touch-screens and other similar devices.

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