Our screening services

At laya healthcare we take a proactive approach to the health of our members. So, every year, we carry out thousands of health screenings for employers all over Ireland to detect non-symptomatic disease or lifestyle risk factors that may lead to disease. We can develop a tailored screening programme to meet any clients needs.

Why screen?

There are four chronic conditions that lead to at least 50% of deaths in developed countries. These are Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes and Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease. These are predominantly caused by smoking, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Our screenings are designed to tackle this problem.

Corporate health screening

Our corporate health screening programmes are designed to screen for pre-existing health issues, give you an overview of your health status and provide recommendations on lifestyle and health that will encourage a longer and healthier life. All screening programmes are administered by our team of experienced medical professionals. Our Nurse & doctor led programmes help educate your employees about their health status and address any underlying health issues by giving employees specific information about their health risks that affect them personally and ensuring (if required) that they take action.


We pride ourselves on our state of the art technology which combines first class medical screening and delivery of results which can be easily and securely accessed by our members. We believe in providing quality medical services that are both affordable and accessible. You can watch the experiences of some of our client companies here, and how our screening programmes have benefited them.

What's covered?*

*Differs per service offered

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