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Behind the Scenes with Tom Turner & Leinster Rugby

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Ever wonder how strong rugby players need to be to succeed at the elite level?

Laya Healthcare sat down with Tom Turner, Senior S&C Coach at Leinster Rugby to ask the tough questions about what it really takes to be strong enough, fit enough and fast enough to perform at the highest level in professional rugby.

Tom reveals the importance of science in monitoring players’ performance and admits that there’s “no hiding place” in the modern game for players. Learn about the S&C basics that all Leinster Rugby players go through, while Tom also gives some solid advice to amateurs on how to get the basics right in their strength and conditioning to help optimise their performance.

In this behind-the-scenes series of videos capturing Leo Cullen and his backroom team, Leinster Rugby fans will enjoy exclusive insights into the most successful Irish team in domestic and European competition.

 You can listen to our recent podcast with Shane Byrne on all things Rugby here as we bring you more of our  #behindtheteam content.




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