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Safer Internet Day 2018

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This year’s theme for Safer Internet Day 2018 is “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”.

Each year for Safer Internet Day, I reflect on how much technology has changed in the last year and how we can make our relationship with technology a more productive, more beneficial and ultimately a more balanced one. I often find myself doing a bit of an audit on my own (and my poor husband's) technology use. Practice what you preach! 

We are currently just back from a technology free vacation, where we used a map to find the Zoo; where we stopped people to ask for directions; where I bought a watch because I realized I always check the time on my phone. It was so quiet. Upon our return we were greeted with the reality of our daily lives; an inbox full of unopened mail; countless voicemails; messages; updates, the list goes on. Now, most of our correspondence was work related, and in time all quite manageable. But it got me thinking about our children and the immense pressure they face from all this ‘noise’ on a daily basis.    

This year’s theme is empowering. It is not about giving up technology or restricting our use, it’s about reflecting on how we use the internet to create and connect with others on a daily basis and making sure we do so in an ethical and respectful manner.  

So, this Safer Internet Day, take a moment to reflect on your current relationship with technology. It is up to us how much of a hold we let technology take on our lives and how we use it –ethically or unethically. As this year’s theme states “a better internet starts with you”. 

Together with the team at Laya Healthcare, we have created this guide for you. We hope it will serve to help you reflect on your relationship with technology and provide some advice on common internet concerns.


Happy Safer Internet Day 2018.


Download the Safer Internet Guide: Laya Cyber Safety Guide for Parents - Safer Internet Day 2018

Maureen Griffin

Maureen is a Forensic Psychologist who specialised in the assessment of internet sex offenders. Maureen lectures on Forensic Psychology and Criminal Behaviour courses in Universities across Ireland and has delivered lectures on Detective and Sergeant Training Courses in An Garda Síochána and on national and international Military Police Courses with the Irish Defence Forces. She has visited over 600 schools across Ireland speaking with students, staff and parents regarding social media and online safety. Maureen regularly contributes to local and national media and presents at child protection and mental health conferences across Ireland. For more information see www.mgmstraining.ie.