Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Why choose Health and Wellness by laya healthcare?

Not only are we healthcare specialists, we also know what it takes to make a company a great place to work. Those aren’t empty words. We’re Ireland’s second-largest healthcare insurer and we’ve won a “great place to work” award 

We’d like to help you keep your workforce healthy and happy too with the largest wellness team in Ireland. They’ll be more engaged and more productive. That’s why we go beyond just providing help for when things go wrong. We take a preventative approach too. You don’t just get healthcare cover. You get a whole range of services to enhance your team’s wellbeing as well.

You’ll get our Health and Wellness programme delivered to your workplace. That means a tailor-made programme of health initiatives to fit with your business and your goals. We’ll evaluate and monitor your team and their families, and stimulate them to adopt healthier lifestyles. They’ll feel valued as employees and you’ll reap the benefits of a happy, productive team.

  • We’ll help you encourage your team to exercise more, eat better and pay more attention to their mental health.
  • Not only that, your team can get advice on many of the challenges they might be facing as parents or as employees.
  • Your business will have access to the largest wellness team in Ireland. It includes cardiologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, fitness instructors, sleep experts, running coaches, financial advisors, language therapists – the list goes on for quite a while.
  • Health and Wellness is a partnership initiative that helps your employees perform at their best for your business – regardless of its size.

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