Our 'Thrive' health and wellness team includes

HR experts

Organisational psychologists

Chartered physiotherapists

Parenting experts

Communications experts

Clinical nutritionists

Clinical psychologists

Financial advisors

Sleep experts

Counselling psychologists

Speech and language therapists


Behavioural psychologists

Fitness coaches and running instructors

Yoga instructors

Wellness event managers

If your employees are thriving, your company is too. But nobody can thrive if their mental and physical health aren’t cared for. So we’ve created Thrive—a flexible and innovative health and wellness programme to ensure your employees are healthy, engaged and productive. It’s a tailor-made service—one that’s always evolving and one that works for employers of any size.

We’ve also brought together the largest corporate health and wellness team in Ireland, whose goal is to keep your employees mentally and physically well. They’ll empower your employees by giving them practical skills they can apply immediately, quickly bringing about positive change in their lives and the workplace.

In addition, we offer employers a comprehensive health screening service  and an employee assistance programme. This is how we help your people and your company thrive.

Thrive in body, mind and life

Our approach is to give your employees the tools they need to make lasting improvements in their wellbeing.We do this by offering three kinds of programmes: Body, Mind and Life.

Thrive in Body programmes are customised to help your employees be at their physical best. They highlight fitness and nutrition, as well as home-related aspects of life such as financial planning, parenting and quality of sleep—to name but a few.

Thrive in Mind programmes boost mental wellness, both in the workplace and at home. They cover things like mindfulness, stress management, leadership and communication skills, managing anxiety and depression, positivity, emotional intelligence and so on.

Finally, Thrive in Life programmes help employees keep their bodies working optimally and teach them health awareness. Women’s health, men’s health, stroke prevention, cancer awareness, cardiovascular health and first aid are only a handful of the broad range of subjects covered. Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and screening services fall under this banner.

Our Thrive programmes are not only delivered in person as workshops and seminars, but as online assessments, webinars and other innovative programmes. 

Our experts, your team

We’ve brought together some of the best people in Ireland to help your employees thrive. They include former Olympian and current race walking world record holder Gillian O’Sullivan, former rugby international Alan Quinlan and a raft of highly respected medical and clinical specialists.

Our team ensures you see real results by delivering fun, accessible and effective programmes to your employees.

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