Our wellbeing services

Our experience in delivering wellbeing programmes has helped us learn how best to engage employees, build awareness on-site and help promote sustainable healthy behaviour change in our clients. We utilise a number of avenues to optimise engagement, including email marketing, onsite posters and TV screen and online registration. As we design, manage and deliver these programmes to you on-site it takes the pressure of your team, providing only the relevant marketing and event details. We will then share the outcome of your programme confidentially with you, which will empower you with a great insight into the wellness of your team.

Our holistic approach gives your employees the tools they need to make lasting improvements in their wellbeing by providing services under three programmes: Thive in Body, Thrive in Life and Thrive in Mind.

What's covered?*

*Differs per service offered

Marketing and support

Registration support

Reporting and analysis