Mental Health Manager Workshop

As well as being able to manage the workload and day-to-day pressures within their teams, managers are well positioned to spot early signs of stress and other mental ill health issues. Thus, when trained appropriately, managers can play a key part in a company's overall mental health support system.

Delivered by one of our psychologists, using practical approaches and real life case studies, our Manager Mental Health Workshop will equip managers with the tools and information they need to empower and inform themselves and their teams around mental health. When management is trained in this way, it creates an openness around mental health within the company, where employees know they can talk about mental health and reach out for help when they need it. 

Workshop Structure:

Part 1: Becoming Aware

 • Introduction to mental health

 • Taking stock of team members' mental health

 • How to start a conversation about mental health

 • Understanding different scenarios around supporting employees experiencing stress or a mental health problem

 • Understanding the links between mental wellbeing, employee engagement and increased productivity

 • Developing and maintaining positive working relationships

 • Promoting open dialogue and employee engagement

 • Understanding legal duties and where to get help.


Part 2: Becoming the Change

 • Associated company policies and procedures and why they are important

 • The key role of managers

 • Details of the EAP programme and how it works for management and team members

 • The complexity of a work/life balance policy

 • Leading from the front in a positive mental health strategy

It is delivered by one of our qualified psychologists.

The workshop will be presented to a maximum of 20 participants, delivered in 2 1-hour segments.

What's covered?

Marketing and support

Registration support

Reporting and analysis