Mental Health Employee Workshop

Ensuring that there is adequate education around mental health across your entire team enables you to create a work environment where mental health is understood and supported optimally. Suitable for all employees working at a general team member level, our Employee Mental Health Workshop educates, informs and empowers your team around all aspects of general mental health.

Topics in this workshop will include:

  • An introduction to mental health and wellbeing
  • Common mental health issues and their signs and symptoms
  • Taking stock of your own mental health and ways to protect and improve it
  • How to start a conversation about mental health
  • How to appropriately support someone in distress or crisis
  • Support services available, how to access them or direct others towards them.

Through our mental health workshops, you can effect change in your organisation by addressing the lack of knowledge that creates and perpetuates stigma associated with mental illness. Our workshops will give your team members a clear understanding of mental health, how to identify symptoms of common issues and how to act appropriately to assist and support others who may be struggling.

It is delivered by one of our qualified psychologists.

The workshop will be presented to a maximum of 20 participants

What's covered?

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