Leader's Mental Health Workshop

Our Senior Leadership Workshop will provide those at the highest level of an organisation, with the information and understanding they require to become active participants in creating positive mental health in their company.

As the drivers of workplace culture and the main influencers in any company, senior leaders, have the power and responsibility to ensure that employee mental health is a strategic priority and a day-to-day focus for their company. They play a critical role in driving policies and practices that promote mental health in the workplace and positively influence workplace culture, management practices and the experience of staff.

This workshop will ensure that leaders are informed, educated, and engaged enough to do everything necessary to create and drive an openness to mental health and an effective strategy to support it.

The workshop will include psycho-education and skills training, with a focus on:

  •  The role and influence of leadership in creating a mentally healthy company
  •  Mental health and its impact on sustainability, cost-effectiveness, risk management
    and productivity
  • Guidance and direction for creating a strong mental health strategy
  • How to engage other members of senior management
  • Effectively communicating to all staff that mental health and wellbeing is a priority
  • Creating, driving and sustaining an open culture around mental health

Who should attend?

Senior leaders, including board members, directors, chief executive officers and executive members, can all benefit from this workshop.

It is delivered by one of our qualified psychologists.

The workshop will be presented to a maximum of 20 participants, delivered in 2 1-hour segments.

What's covered?

Marketing and support

Registration support

Reporting and analysis