Parenting Expert

Being a parent is not always easy and often at times, parents need that extra little bit of support and advice to ensure their challenges are being noticed. Our parenting expert offers parents easy to learn skills and a variety of effective and practical parenting tools to help your employees build a calmer and happier home.

We will take registrations via email from the marketing we will send for the event and give appointments on a first come first served basis.

During the appointments, parent and life coach Aoife Lee, can offer advice in the following areas of parenting:

  • Behaviour issues; for example, tantrums, biting, dealing with separation anxiety and making strange, teething, sibling rivalry, challenges with bathtime, washing hair and brushing teeth etc.
  • Sleep issues; for example, difficulty settling at night, wanting to sleep in parents bed, waking in middle of the night
  • Toilet training/toilet issues
  • Fussy eating/general eating and feeding issues
  • Travelling with young children
  • Challenges when a step-parent
  • When your child worries and is anxious, or experiences low self-esteem
  • New baby due, preparing toddlers, dealing with new baby arriving
  • Combating soothers and thumbsuckers
  • Boundaries around use of screentime
  • Preparing for exams 

The consultations are delivered by Aoife Lee, accredited parent and life coach and founder of Parent Support.  

60 minute consultations which allow the employee to discuss their own personal concerns with the parenting expert, accommodating 5 sessions per day.

What's covered?

Marketing and support

Registration support

Reporting and analysis