Ignite E-Learning Programme

Ignite is an innovative e-learning programme which involves emplyees receiving a topical and seasonally relevant e-learning programme into their inbox on a monthly basis. This innovative 12 month package includes videos, blogs, eBooks, eWellness and other useful resources emailed directly to your employees.

Each component is designed around different themes including mental health, financial wellness, nutrition, weight loss, exercise, parenting and sleep. This ensures that employees never miss out on the relevant HR and employee wellbeing topics, whether it be 'Dealing with Cancer' in April for Cancer Awareness month or a 'Financial Refresher Series' in October around budget time.

Ignite enables employers to provide their employees with a varied and interesting health and wellbeing programme for a remarkable cost, as low as €0.50 annually per employee. Ignite takes the hassle away from HR professionals trying to remember and keep up to date with various governmental health initiatives. We keep ignite fresh by providing fun and innovative content on a monthly basis such as eBooks, webinars, Infographics and more.

  • Employees are sent an invitation link to register
  • Topics are sent to their inbox each month in which they enroll
  • Employees receive a certificate upon completion of each month’s topic 

Ignite has been developed by our team of wellness experts including dietitians, psychologist and fitness experts. All of the monthly content takes into account relevant monthly health topics and is delivered as a fully digital package.

There is no limit to the number of participants.

What's covered?

Marketing and support

Registration support

Reporting and analysis