Corporate Fitness Gyms

Helping you maximise the potential of your existing gym and increasing the attraction, engagement and retention of members, we pride ourselves on advising our clients of the latest equipment, approaches, technology and wellbeing initiatives to ensure the best return on investment.

The presence of an onsite fitness center provides a convenience that makes it more likely that employees will exercise. To maximise the benefit, we spend as much time focused on those that do not use the gym as we do on those that do. From our perspective, if we can increase employee usage or engagement, then we achieve better value for our clients.

Our fitness team specialise in setting up and managing corporate fitness and wellbeing centers. We now manage the gyms of some of the best known companies in Ireland. Our aim is to change the concept of conventional corporate fitness facilities.

The team: Our exceptional team will be at your service in managing your center. Our personal trainers are passionate and motivated, and embrace the overarching philosophy of helping you to thrive.

The software: Our state-of-the-art exercise and nutrition app encourages employee interaction and engagement with the corporate gym. Our clients have the option of their own app for iPhone and Android, so that employees can book classes, use animated exercise videos and track their progress. With this app, our experts can create tailored exercise plans for your employees, and share these plans on a notebook, tablet, smartphone or a good old-fashioned print out. Employees can also book classes, schedule an assessment and log their activity as they go.

The marketing: Just because you have an onsite gym, does not automatically mean your team will use it. We manage the marketing of your facility to ensure it attracts a high percentage of your staff. This will give your company gym the maximum potential for usage from day one. Our dedicated marketing team create co-branded or solely partner-branded marketing material on behalf of our partners. Our team can create the collateral needed to drive the benefits of using the gym throughout your worksite. The gym should always be the springboard and centerpiece of all wellbeing initiatives within our client companies.

What's covered?

Marketing and support

Registration support

Reporting and analysis