Workstation Assessments 

Ergonomics is about adapting the environment we find ourselves in, to suit our needs. In the modern workplace, the principles of ergonomics can be applied to all areas of a company and to every individual within an organisation. At all levels of an organisation, employees can benefit from the knowledge of how to set up a workstation correctly and adopt a position which is beneficial to their overall health.

  • Basic VDU/DSE - Standard Workstation assessment of the Display Screen Equipment (21 x 20 min.)
  • Pregnancy assessment - Specialty assessments for pregnancy. Covers all the risk assessments at the workstation and provides advice for the 3 tri-mesters (7 x 60 min.)
  • Speciality MSK - Specialty assessments for people experiencing more serious issues or returning to work from a forced absence or just require a higher degree of input from the service (7 x 60 min.)
  • Home Office - assessment carried out on home office desk (7 x 60 min.)

Our ergonomics assessments are carried out by one of our trained service experts with an expertise in ergonomics.