One Day Ergonomics Service

This is a new service launched this year called “One Day Ergonomics”. We cater for companies of all sizes and all requirements. This allows for companies to offer something to all of their employees, even if they do not want to complete all workstation assessments at this time. It is made up of three parts:                               

a) 5 or 10 assessments depending on the companies immediate need

b) a presentation delivered while the assessor is onsite

c) a webinar for all employees to keep

There is three parts to this service:

Assessments: The 5-10 Assessments are available for the companies to prioritise certain individuals that require an immediate assessment and so this allows them to be catered for
- All of those employees that need one will receive one

Presentation: This is a presentation on how to set up an ergonomics workstation and the rationale behind it. We deliver an interactive presentation with a workstation exercises demo
- This is offered to all employees. All of those that wish to learn more and understand what we are trying to achieve, will be given the chance to attend. Often people have a question that they want answered and this gives them the platform to ask

Webinar: This is a webinar on the most effective workstation exercises (not neck stretching), based on the most up to date research in this area. This will be distributed to all employees for them to download and keep. These instruction videos go through the step by step process of each exercise, how to go through the three progressions for each exercise and how to to help each individual to achieve their goals.

  • Full Day Onsite - 10 Workstation Assessments; Drop In Ergo Clinic (on request if the client prefers); 1 Seminar (Lunch and Learn); Webinar (for all employees) (10 x 30 min slots)
  • Half Day Onsite - 5 Workstation Assessments; 1 Seminar (Lunch and Learn); Webinar (for all employees) (5 x 30 min slots)

Our ergonomics assessments are carried out by one of our trained ergonomics experts.