Eat Smart Programme

Eat Smart is a ten-week worksite wellness programme to help employees eat more intelligently. This programme comprises of continuous engagement throughout the 10 weeks through interactive seminars onsite along with e-learning content.

Our programmes are the most innovative and engaging on the market, and we’ll support your company from start to finish; from sign up marketing to reporting back to you on the results. All our programmes are science based, and nutritional interventions achieve great results in a time sensitive, healthy and effective way.  

Fortnightly one hour seminars focus on the following five strategies:

  • Life’s too hectic to be healthy, it doesn’t have to be                      
  • Eating for health
  • Beat the energy slump
  • Top 10 tips for weight loss
  • Superfoods – what’s new and what’s not

Every other week each participant will receive online content outlining a different healthy recipe along with an 8-10 minute video covering topics such as building your plate, healthy snacking, dealing with cravings and batch cooking.

This programme is delivered by a nutritionist.

What's covered?

Marketing and support

Registration support

Reporting & analysis