Complete Screen

The complete screen offers all of the screening tests in both the essential screen and total screen, as well as thyroid function tests, urinalysis, and bone health tests. This provides a very comprehensive range of physical tests and blood tests that will give the participant a good indication of their general health.

Thyroid function is an important screening test in all adults.  An improperly working thyroid can cause fatigue, weight gain/loss, weakness, muscle or joint pain, depression, memory problems and much more.  Any of these may have an effect on a person's ability to properly do their job.

Urinalysis is a simple way to possibly identify a host of chronic diseases. The analysis of the urine can identify problems with the kidneys, signs of infection, diabetes, dehydration, and/or liver disease.

Monitoring bone health ensures the employee's bones are healthy and strong and free of disease. Weak or fragile bones can lead to an increased risk for injury or premature fracture, poor body mechanics, pain, and weakness.

The complete screen provides a head to toe picture of the health of employees to ensure they are able to perform their job and live their life to their fullest capabilities.    

1Health and lifestyle questionnaire

2. Blood tests

  • Diabetes
  • Full lipid profile
  • Full blood count
  • Renal profile
  • Liver profile
  • Thyroid test
  • Bone health

3. Physical tests

  • Blood pressure
  • Body mass index
  • Waist circumference
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Lung function test
  • Keystone eye test
  • Urinalysis

4. Doctor review and sign off

Tests: The test involves a sample being taken from your vein followed by the physical tests. Depending on your results a referral to your GP may be recommended for further investigation. 

Employee report: Results are received electronically within 10 working days.

Corporate report: We will provide your company with an anonymous report with the findings of the screening. This will summarise in simple detail the overall health status of your company and enable you to focus your efforts on company-wide initiatives to improve those areas that matter. This will include: a number of people with high blood pressure, body mass index and high waist circumference. It will also demonstrate the number of people with abnormal blood results and the numbers for further cardiac and respiratory follow up.

It is delivered by a qualified medical professional. 

Minimum number of 7 and maximum of 12 participants a day.

What's covered?

Marketing and support

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Reporting & Analysis