Over 1 in 10 need cardiac follow-up

About 13% of the 110,000+ people we have assessed in HeartBeat cardiac screening sessions have needed follow-up cardiac tests, since we began the programme.

Every laya healthcare member over the age of 12 is entitled to a HeartBeat screening once every two years at a Laya Health and Wellbeing Clinic or another convenient location. This includes an ECG and review by a cardiologist.

Protect your heart health and safeguard your future. Make sure you attend for your HeartBeat screening.

Please note this cardiac screening service is not suitable for people with a known cardiac condition or currently under cardiology care.

You can now book your screening online through your Member Area account or on the Laya App.

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Cardiac health

Prevention and hospital care

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in Ireland and it can strike at any age.

With laya healthcare, you have access to Centre of Excellence cardiac units and 100+ public, private and high-tech hospitals around Ireland, along with over 98% of Consultants. 

80% of premature heart disease and stroke is preventable*. We also ensure you have access to sophisticated cardiac screening. This gives you a clear picture of your heart health over time and minimises your risk of developing heart disease.

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"In my mind, I was way too young for that to happen"

Watch Damian's story to learn how a routine laya healthcare screening revealed a life-threatening heart condition.



The key stages of the cardiac journey

Whatever stage of your cardiac journey you are at – whether it’s initial screening or you’ve just been diagnosed, laya healthcare will look after you, always.

Member Stories

“Laya’s heart screening saved my life”

Sinead Hamill, marathon runner and mum of two, credits laya healthcare’s heart screening with saving her life. Her HeartBeat cardiac screening in 2012 revealed a serious underlying heart condition that required urgent treatment and care in the specialist cardiac units at Blackrock Hospital and the Mater Private hospital.

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*(source: Irish Heart Foundation)

Please note this cardiac screening service is suitable only for people that do not have a known cardiac condition or currently under cardiology care.