Skiing in Scotland

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Skiing in Scotland

A budget friendly ski holiday for all the family

When you think of skiing, you automatically start to think about winter wonderland destinations like Austria, Andorra and Switzerland. Places that are known for their snowy slopes, mountainous landscape and breathtaking views. They are the dream destinations for many ski and snowboard enthusiasts looking to take on the snowcapped mountains.

While these places spring to mind immediately when you think about skiing, unfortunately so does the cost and expense. It can be expensive for just one person to go so bringing a family skiing to these destinations can sometimes cost a small fortune.  

So, wanting to take the plunge to try skiing for the first time I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on an activity I wasn’t sure I was even going to like. I wanted to try a new experience without breaking the bank. My mission was to look for an alternative budget friendly ski destination and I found it! In this post, I am going to share with you a budget friendly ski holiday without compromising on the experience and spectacular views. After a lot of research, I decided skiing in Scotland was a great alternative option for my first ski break. Snow conditions have improved a lot in recent years in Scotland and so have the ski resorts.

The first thing when arriving at the ski centre was to book a beginner’s lesson. Having never set foot on a ski slope before I felt a ski lesson was the safest way to start. After booting up it was time to board the chair lift up the mountain, admiring the views all around as we got higher and higher. I was amazed at all the people zipping past us as we reached the top. My instructor had her work cut out for her but I couldn’t believe that within the first 15 minutes of her instructions, any fear I had disappeared and before I knew it we had left the beginner slope and were heading towards the bigger slopes. It wasn’t long before my confidence grew and I was really starting to enjoy the whole experience. The snowcapped mountains, the powdered snow and the crisp blue sky were second to none, what a day! As the day progressed, my legs began to grow tired, it was time to call it a day. I honestly could not believe what I achieved in a short few hours. Who would have ever thought such a fabulous ski experience would lie so close to us in beautiful Scotland. After a short inexpensive journey, I felt I had spent the day in a winter wonderland. The skiing, the views and the experience, it was one to remember and be repeated

All The Details

Where to go

We based ourselves in Fort William and paid a visit to a few ski resorts surrounding this town in the western Scottish Highlights. Fort William is located on Loch Linnhe and is the known gateway to Ben Nevis which is the UK’s highest peak. There are lots of other resorts nearby so you could try a few different ski areas during your visit. The Nevis Range Mountain Resort has lots of ski runs but unfortunately the weather was against us in that location so we decided to try our skiing skills on the other side of the mountain in Glencoe Mountain Resort and it did not disappoint. Glencoe is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty on Rannoch Moor and offers stunning views of the iconic Buachaille Etive Mor. It is approximately 45 minutes from Fort William. You are spoilt for choice with ski options.

How to get there

You can fly to Edinburgh or Glasgow from many Irish airports. On arrival, I would recommend renting a car. You can rent a car and drive from Edinburgh Airport to Fort William in approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes. Alternatively, you can drive from Glasgow Airport to Fort William in approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Where to stay

We stayed in a lovely B&B in Fort William looking out on the water. There are lots of fantastic options for bed and breakfast in Fort William. The Glencoe Mountain Resort also offers the option of micro lodges or bring your campervan if you are really looking for an adventure.

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