The importance of research in healthcare,our partnership with the College of Medicine and Health, UCC.

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If we invest in research and better technology then it results in better outcomes for our members. One such programme we're currently investing in is the ASSERT Programme (Application of Science to Simulation-based Education and Research on Training) developed by The College of Medicine and Health at UCC. 

This provides world-class facilities to train doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to deliver better and safer healthcare to their patients in their day to day work.

The state of the art facility includes hi-fi simulation suites, clinical skills areas, a mock ward and a clinical skills procedural lab incorporating 6 operating theatres suitable for cadaveric and part task training.

However, what distinguishes the ASSERT Centre from other centres around the world is that ASSERT focuses on the human performance of health professionals. This performance is inextricably linked to training and so the ASSERT Centre was established to improve the efficacy of health professional training and to bring to bear the same level of scientific rigor, currently applied to the licensing of a new drug or device, to the training of a nurse or doctor. To do this ASSERT has a set of methodologies which has a proven track record which have widespread application to both technical and non-technical skills.

Kevin McGuire demonstrates a cardiac simulator to our Director of Sales, Trish Hyland.

The methodology allows ASSERT to develop and deliver “proficiency based training” which results, not just in improved performance in a simulated or a clinical setting, but in improved patient outcomes. Proficiency based training requires a precise characterisation of a particular skill as metrics and errors, definition of a proficiency standard and implementation of a training programme which targets those metrics and errors. Globally, this approach can address the currently unmet need to move effectively from time-based to competence-based training in healthcare. 

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