Orla Dolan

Orla Dolan is a graduate of University College Cork and University of Limerick’s Kemmy Business School. She started her career as a scientist and then went on to work in Human Resources specifically in Workforce Development and HR systems in the Social and Health Sectors in the United States. While in Delta-T Group, a Mental Health, Behavioural Health, Social Service and Non Profit staffing agency, she developed and enforced standards for the front-end processes of the business in all States. She is HR accredited in both the US (SPHR) and Ireland (CIPD). On her return to Ireland in 2005 she was appointed Director of External Affairs for Cork Cancer Research Centre (CCRC). In 2011 she launched the charity Breakthrough Cancer Research which fundraises for CCRC of which she is now Head of Fundraising. She is a board member of the National Cancer Registry of Ireland.

Why the amount of alcohol you drink impacts your cancer risk

This week is Awareness Week on Alcohol Related Harm (AWARH), which aims to get EU and national policy makers to pledge to address alcohol related harm in Europe. The theme for this year’s AWARH is Alcohol and Cancer. Orla Dolan from Breakthrough Cancer Research discusses the links between alcohol and cancer. 

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