What I learned from the Pendulum Summit

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Organisers of the Pendulum Summit describe the two day event as "The World’s Leading Business and Self-Empowerment Summit” As this was my third  time attending the Pendulum Summit, you could say I enjoy this type of event!

Each year that I attend, I try to dissect the key messages on what I term my ‘relevance continuum’. That is the measurement of personal growth on one side and those nuggets more relevant to business application on the other.

For me, personal growth and development will trump every time.  It’s the area of our lives we need to invest in and crucially check in with ourselves more. With that in mind there were many development and self-awareness triggers that I gleaned from the day.

Initially one heartfully shared comment from the stage was that this type of event might just be a little too positive for an Irish audience, but I would have to admit that this type of day might just be the tonic one needs to kick start the year ahead.

The event  was a ‘TED talks’ type of showcase from the stage where renowned motivational Speakers/Authors mainly from the book ‘The Secret’  gave clear messaging around how to go out there and achieve your goals. Gratitude first, surrounding yourself with the right people, and being congruent in your thinking and behaviour were my key takeaways from this event.

Some timely reminders/statements I noted from the stage included the following;

  • Give yourself permission to do something extraordinary in 2017!
  • Thoughts lead to action so choose to think positively
  • When you have nothing to prove, protect, hide or defend; this is when you're open to your highest level of opportunity
  • Don't be afraid to fail, be more afraid not to fly!
  • Understand what is most valuable to you and structure your life around that - fill your day with high priority actions
  • Charisma - don't ever be afraid to radiate your great traits
  • Motivational actions are extrinsic in their nature; look for the Inspirational that comes from within.
  • Keep the game very simple.

For business it is critical to understand that the motivation of action can be the heart of our feelings, and so therefore feelings may drive business outcomes.

Finally, own your brilliance and your strength!

These are some of the nuggets I’ll be taking with me as the year progresses.



Joe Sherlock

Joe Sherlock is National Corporate Sales Manager with Laya Healthcare. He has over 14 years consultative sales and management experience and works with some of our largest strategic accounts. An undeniable passion for health and wellness is not only exhibited through the medium of our ‘Thrive’ health and wellness programme, where he helps companies bring their wellness strategy to life, but it is also reflected in his personal interests which include marathon running, mountain climbing and practicing mindfulness. He holds a degree in Business Studies from C.I.T where he guest lectures from time to time. He also has a Graduate Diploma in Computing from the University of Limerick, a Diploma in Private Medical Insurance and various certificates in People Management and Personal Development.