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Laya Health and Wellbeing Clinics

You've waited long enough for urgent care. Be seen within an hour of arrival in your Laya Health and Wellbeing Clinic.

Located in Briarhill, Galway, access Consultant-led care for minor injuries and illnesses.

Urgent care consultation and treatment is available to both members and non-members aged 12months+.

Due to Covid-19, walk-in consultation and treatment is limited to minor injuries onlyVideo consultations or face to face appointments are available for minor illnesses.


  • Urgent care for minor injuries and illnesses (members & non-members aged 12months+)
  • Face to face consultation with a Healthcoach* (face to face postponed due to Covid-19)
  • Heart screening* (postponed due to Covid-19)

Full cover for members

Until the end of December 2020, we will pay the full cost for members to access urgent care consultations and treatment for minor injuries and illnesses in Laya Health and Wellbeing Clinics.

That means unlimited access*, with no cost for you.

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*Please note that this unrestricted benefit does not include a follow up consultation in the fracture clinic in the Laya Health & Wellbeing Clinics with an Orthopaedic Consultant.

Fair usage policy applies to unlimited access.

Access to HeartBeat cardiac screening for laya healthcare members aged 12+, once every two years. Access to face to face healthcoach consultations for laya healthcare members aged 18+ on selected schemes. Access to counselling sessions through the Mental Wellbeing Support Programme for laya healthcare members aged 16+ on selected schemes. 

Clinic Location

Level 2

Briarhill Shopping Centre



H91 FEK2

Phone: 1890 933 030