Orthopaedic Cover

Hips, knees (and more) -here's what you need to know about Orthopaedic Cover

We're for the tumbles, jumps and bumps in life.

That's why we are the only health insurance company in Ireland to offer full cover on specific orthopaedic procedures on many of our schemes.

 These specific procedures are listed below:



Procedure Description



Arthroplasty of hip using prosthesis, unilateral



Metal on Metal hip resurfacing arthroplasty, unilateral



Revision of total hip arthroplasty, acetabular and femoral components with or without autograft or allograft



Prosthetic replacement (total) of knee joint, unilateral



Revision of arthroplasty of knee joint, with or without allograft, one or more components

Please note: Your Consultant will let you know the code of the procedure you're due to have

For certain schemes we are offering 100% cover on the above listed procedures with no shortfall or excess for the following private hospitals. 

  1. Auteven (Kilkenny)
  2. Beacon Hospital (Dublin)
  3. Blackrock Clinic (Dublin)
  4. Bons Secours (Cork)
  5. Bons Secours (Dublin)
  6. Bons Secours (Galway)
  7. Bons Secours (Kerry)
  8. Bons Secours (Limerick - formerly Barringtons)
  9. Galway Clinic (Galway)
  10. Hermitage (Dublin)
  11. Mater Private (Dublin & Cork)
  12. Sport’s Surgery (Dublin)
  13. St. Francis (Westmeath)
  14. St. Vincent’s Private (Dublin)
  15. Whitfield Clinic (Waterford)

Planning a Procedure?

To check if your scheme covers these procedures please check our list of cover for specific Orthopaedic Procedures

To check your cover for orthopaedic procedures, log in to your Member area, or contact our award-winning Customer Care team on 021 202 2000. 

Members on the schemes listed below will have normal excesses and shortfalls or 'no cover' as per scheme rules:

Assure Health, Assure Ideal, Assure Protect, Assure Vitality, CompanyHealth, Essential, Essential Assist, Everyday Health, Everyday Health Plus, Future Protect, Future Protect Choice, Future Protect Plus, Transform Entry

A 20% shortfall exists on the following schemes:

360 Care, 360 Care Select, Care Select, CompanyCare Advanced, ConnectCare, ConnectChoice, ConnectChoice 500, Control 150 Create, Evolve, ExcelCare, Health Secure Plus, Inspire, Inspire Plus, Optimum, Optimum Plus, Optimum Premium, Prime, PrimeCare, Principle, Prosper, Prosper Care, Signify, Signify Care, Signify Plus, SimplyHealth Choice, SimplyHealth Plus, SimplyHealth Extra, SimplyHealth Starter, Total Health Complete 175, Total Health Plus, Transform Advanced, Transform Care, Transform Plus