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Prevention is always better than cure. That’s why we offer you expert preventative healthcare so you can stay healthy and safeguard your future.

As your health goals are unique to you, we give you personalised one-to-one coaching with a qualified Healthcoach. We want you to have the right support to take control, succeed and thrive.

Whatever fitness, nutrition, wellbeing or other health goals you want to reach, your expert Healthcoach will work with you to design an individual programme.

And you’ll always have support on your journey to better health – with online Healthcoach mentoring and follow-up sessions.

Track and learn in the Healthcoach app

You can access your customised health programme in the Healthcoach app, where you can also:

  • Track your activity and progress, including steps and calories
  • Watch fitness tutorials
  • Access meal suggestions and step-by-step recipes
  • Enrol in wellbeing courses
  • Stay motivated by messages from your Healthcoach
  • Sync with your wearable devices

When can I see a Healthcoach?

Every member over the age of 18 is entitled to an in-person consultation with a Healthcoach once every two years. Book your session now.

And until the end of 2023, we’re providing unlimited digital Healthcoach sessions so all our members get the tailored motivation they need. (Fair use applies.)

Ready to meet your Healthcoach?

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How does Healthcoach work?

One-to-one appointment

Your personalised assessment

  • Complete a series of health checks
  • Discuss your health and wellbeing goals

Tailored plan and tracking

  • Get a tailored fitness, nutrition and wellbeing programme through your Healthcoach app
  • Track your progress to your goals through the app

Support and inspiration

  • Stay connected with online mentoring, blogs and content.
  • Message your Healthcoach for direct support through the app.
  • Book your digital follow-up session.

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Healthcoach is available to members over the age of 18