Malie Coyne

Dr. Malie Coyne is an experienced Clinical Child Psychologist and Lecturer with the NUI Galway. Clinical Psychology Doctoral programme. She is very passionate about promoting wellbeing and increasing awareness of mental health issues, which she achieves through her contributions for national newspapers; radio & TV appearances; public speaking events; and advocacy work with the A Lust for Life “movement for wellbeing”. She recently hosted her radio show “Mental Health Laid Bare” on Dublin City FM, which provided a platform for health professionals and personal experience guests to share their stories of mental health and tools for wellbeing. She was expert contributor for Caroline Foran’s bestseller “Owning it: Your Bullsh*t-Free Guide to Living with Anxiety”. Malie believes that the solid foundations for emotional and mental wellbeing begin in childhood and that staying well involves looking after your mind on a daily basis. Malie is a mum to two daughters so she understands the many pressures of peoples’ daily lives, in trying to juggle the responsibilities of family life and the workplace: “My daughters teach me things and keep me grounded and grateful”. You can see more of her work on