CompanyCare Suite : CompanyCare Gold

How CompanyCare Gold can benefit you

CompanyCare Gold is a top of the range scheme with excellent cover for all your healthcare needs. Offering comprehensive access to a range of hospitals, cash back on everyday medical expenses, maternity cover, and child healthcare benefits:

  • Access to public, private and hi-tech hospitals
  • 50-75% back on everyday medical expenses such as GP and physiotherapy
  • Maternity cover and child healthcare services
  • 24 Hour Nurseline, and
  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

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Additional Benefits:

Do waiting periods apply to me?

Your cover will start immediately without any waiting period if you are switching from another insurer. If you're new to private health insurance, the benefits of your policy may become available to you after a short time. (Click here to find out more)