What do 13,266 health screenings tell us about the health of workers in Ireland?

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There are two questions that I am always asked when I am meeting a company for the first time to talk about their health and wellbeing needs. The first is how can you improve the physical and emotional health of our employees and the next question is, how will you measure it?

It is easy for me to answer these questions because of the significant investments we’ve made in our technology and in our team over the years. We’re now able to provide anonymised data points that give a revealing 360-degree view on the health and wellbeing of a company.  From the data, our expert team identify hidden connections between health and wellbeing metrics that allow us customise workplace wellbeing programmes to the different requirements of different companies.

At laya healthcare, we don’t provide ‘off-the shelf’ solutions when it comes to Health and Wellbeing programmes; they simply don’t work. For example, using our data and experience we see that people in the tech sector tend to be younger, more physically fit and healthy yet their emotional wellbeing can often be well below the national average, so knowing that, we can pivot our Programmes to be more weighted to the emotional wellbeing side of things.

Different patterns emerge across different industries. Once we identify these patterns we then customise a programme that’s an absolute fit for the company. 

These vary hugely, depending on the organisation and its budget. We have clients who range from those with a handful of employees to major international clients who have thousands on their team – so we have solutions for every budget, and every size of team. Our team is underpinned by Ireland’s largest team of clinical experts, and our clients love the mix of rigour and passion that our team bring to every corporate programme.

Our programmes are so varied for example - we have brilliant, sleep experts and parenting experts who go on-site to provide support for new parents returning to work after parental leave. We have partners who work with us to custom-build and manage gym/wellness facilities on-site, and provide and manage health and wellbeing facilities and classes for employees. 

When it comes to evaluating results, clients value rigorous and hard metrics. We can create a Health and Wellbeing dashboard so that our clients can see the utilisation and see how the dial is moving in terms of the health and wellbeing scores of their employees, and the organisation.

 At all times our goal is to empower employees and organisations in order that they thrive in mind, body and life.

We have carried out 13,266 health screenings across diverse industry sectors and when we look at the anonymised results, there are a few highlights that stand out.

  • Almost one in five male workers (19 percent) are obese, with slightly fewer women (16 percent) found to have a BMI of obese.
  • Men working in media are most likely to be obese (24 per cent), followed by manufacturing (22 per cent), medical workers (21 per cent) and those working in the pharmaceutical industry (21 per cent).
  • One in four (27 per cent) of males working in manufacturing experience high blood pressure Vs 15 per cent of females, potentially putting them at risk of heart attack or stroke.
  • Almost 8 in 10 workers (80 per cent) admit that poor sleep has affected their energy and mood in the past month, with almost one in five (18 per cent) admitting that sleep deprivation is affecting them ‘a lot’.

These findings all have corresponding solutions. Currently we are running over 1,600 health programmes in hundreds of companies all over Ireland today.

When my team and I walk out of a company we know we have operated in true partnership with that company.  We are dedicated to making a positive difference with the individual employee and ensure that we always deliver on the companies’ wellbeing objectives.

Trish Hyland is our Director of Wellbeing and Corporate Sales Head of Sales. You can contact our health and wellness team by emailing or visit our site here


The laya healthcare screening results revealed as part of Workplace Wellbeing Day 2018 are a mix of physical screenings carried out on 6,993 workers in Ireland, carried out by laya healthcare clinicians in HeartBeat, its cardiac screening programme. The results also include data collated from a comprehensive health and wellbeing assessments carried out among 6,273 workers that determines the overall health of a company and its employees.

Patricia Hyland

Trish is Director of Wellbeing and Corporate Sales at Laya Healthcare. Trish is responsible for the distribution and sales for the corporate market. She is also responsible for the development and delivery of Laya Healthcare’s Health & Welbeing proposition. She has held several senior executive roles in the life and general insurance industry at Royal Liver Assurance, FBD and Zurich. Patricia holds a MSc in Management from Trinity College Dublin, she is a qualified project manager and holds a certificate of compliance, a diploma in coaching and is a NLP practitioner. Patricia has worked in a private capacity with several large organisations regarding: Organisational change/design, sales development and delivery, executive support and coaching. Patricia is a council member of the Sales Institute of Ireland and a member of the Irish Chapter of the Association of Inside Sales professionals.