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Wife? Kids? Protecting their future has never been easier

Pen Alan Morris Glasses 4 min read

Considering how many responsibilities we all tend to on a daily basis, it’s no real surprise that there are some which many of us put on the long finger…. over and over.

And no, we’re not talking about cleaning out the car, hoovering under the kids’ beds or identifying the stain on the hall carpet, we’re talking life insurance.

The name alone is enough to send chills through many of us as we’re forced to confront our own, and indeed our family’s mortality, but what happens when you begin viewing it in a new light?

Take Graeme, a married father-of-two in his thirties who always felt life insurance was the reserve of the older generation, and a responsibility he didn’t want to face up to just yet.

 “I didn’t have any life insurance until I considered purchasing laya life. It was a decision I never thought I would have to do until I really grew up,“ he laughs.

And yet, deep down, he knew safeguarding his family against an unexpected event was the right thing to do in order to provide peace of mind to himself, his wife and their children.

Nobody wants to contemplate their own passing, but there’s no denying that a sudden death can leave a family in dire financial straits – a scenario none of us would wish upon our loved ones.

 “When I contacted laya life I spoke to a real person at the end of the phone. It wasn’t this big obstacle I had made in my head, it was very easy.”

Immediately, Graeme saw the responsibility as a positive move rather than a negative one.

Rather than simply hoping for the best, he took action and can now rest easy that should the unexpected happen, his children are protected thanks to their dad.

For more information on whether you need life insurance, visit Laya life understands that life insurance can seem complicated, so we want to keep things simple. To apply, just answer a few straightforward questions to see whether you’re eligible.

There’s no medical required and there’s a 10% discount for signing up online, and an additional 10% if you’re already a laya healthcare member.

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Alan Morris

Alan is the Marketing Campaigns Manager for Laya Healthcare and Laya Life. His career spans over a decade of Marketing Communications experience in the banking, insurance and construction sectors. Although his primary focus is on all types of advertising he enjoys work on other elements of marketing including research, sponsorship activation and event management.