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Single? Don’t think you need life insurance? Here’s why it could be the wisest move you’ll make

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In February we launched our new laya life campaign "One Life, Many Stories".  This campaign is all about our members and the many motivations (both emotional and functional) that people have to take out life insurance. Its purpose is to make people more aware of the importance of life insurance, regardless of age or life stage. Each member story is different and gives a unique perspective on their lives, their families and their life insurance decisions. #onelifemanystories  You may have already heard some of these stories on the radio or you might have viewed them on our social media platforms.

Here is Glenn's story. 

Often when we think of life insurance, we think of the traditional family with kids, a house and a dog. And while there’s a good reason families are synonymous with life insurance, there are so many other stages in our lives where we’ll need that security and reassurance too.

Take Glenn. As a young single adult he thought life insurance was for… you know… other people.

That’s until his father sadly passed away, and because he didn’t have life insurance, the burden to look after his father’s funeral costs and outstanding bills fell to Glenn and his family.

It made Glenn realise that children or a spouse aren’t the only dependents we can have, so even if we’re single, we may have an aging parent or a sibling who relies on us, and who will be left to cover costs should we die.

 “Between myself and my family we’ve had to save up to try to pay it off and a nest egg I had built up has been reduced to nothing trying to settle the bills.”

And while we all like to think we’re going to live forever, we can’t deny that funeral costs are expensive. Couple that with bills, loans or a co-signed debt, and life insurance starts to make sense, fast.

Rather than put the responsibility and stress on our family, life insurance ensures our finances are taken care of, while others who may be dependent on our income are looked after.

Getting life insurance isn’t this scary thing – it’s quick, simple and easy – and once it’s done, that’s one big life stress gone.

For Glenn, a laya life member, it took the loss of his dad to reach that realisation.

 “I know when I’ve spoken to some of my friends, they’re very much ‘you’re a single guy, why did you take out life insurance?’ and in the back of my mind I always think, if you’d only gone through what I have in the last 18 months.”

Laya life understands that life insurance can be complicated, so we want to keep things simple.

To apply, just answer a few straightforward questions to see whether you’re eligible. For more information on whether you need life insurance, visit 

There’s no medical required, and there’s a 10% discount for signing up online and an additional 10% if you’re already a laya healthcare member.  

 Your Insurance is provided by IptiQ Life SA. Laya Healthcare Limited trading as Laya Life and Laya Healthcare is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Alan Morris

Alan is the Marketing Campaigns Manager for Laya Healthcare and Laya Life. His career spans over a decade of Marketing Communications experience in the banking, insurance and construction sectors. Although his primary focus is on all types of advertising he enjoys work on other elements of marketing including research, sponsorship activation and event management.