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Maternity Health Insurance


Health Insurance for Maternity/Pregnancy from Laya Healthcare

Planning for a family is an exciting time. Your thoughts may well turn to health insurance so here are some tips to help you make sure you choose the best maternity scheme with your pregnancy in mind.

Take out insurance early

One of the things you need to know is that there is a 52-week waiting period before you can claim the maternity benefits included in health insurance. So, the sooner you can take out a policy, the better.

The costs of private consultants aren’t always covered

This is another important thing to be aware of, that if you choose to have your baby using the private healthcare system, your consultants’ fees may not be covered by your health insurance. These fees can be substantial and you would pay them directly to the consultant. If you are a laya healthcare member you can check what is covered in your dedicated member area. 


What is covered within our maternity benefits?

A typical birth means up to three days in hospital. You’re covered for anything relating to a natural birth during your hospital stay. You can also put this cover towards a home birth, if you prefer.

If you’re having a caesarean, things are a little different. Because that’s an actual medical procedure, you’re covered for up to five days in hospital.

Whatever method you choose, don’t forget that you can add your baby to your policy straight away. They are covered for free up to your next renewal date. It’s our welcome gift to your child.

Infertility treatment

Laya healthcare has an infertility benefit to help you cover the costs of starting your family. Check your personalised member area to view this benefit. 

Before and after the birth of your baby

We can help you cover other costs associated with having a baby, both in the run up to the birth itself and afterwards. So when you’re looking at schemes, it’s worthwhile considering whether these additional options may be useful to you.

For instance, you can get cover to help pay for baby massage classes, breastfeeding consultations, advice on nutrition, physiotherapy, post-natal counselling, a maternity bra even.

There is quite a list of things we can help you cover during your pregnancy and beyond. Call us on 1890 904 067 and we’ll take the time to run through the maternity cover we offer.

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