Big Families Make a Comeback in Ireland

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Our research found that more people want a big family and one in ten parents plan to extend their brood in 2017. 

The research among 1,000 parents in Ireland, which we commissioned to celebrate our kids go freeoffer, reveals that the single biggest deterrent to having lots of children is cost, with more than three in four (77%) of parents who want a big family deciding against it as they felt they “couldn’t afford it”. One in five people admit to thinking that “only rich people can afford to have big families”.

Parents and non-parents alike can appreciate the sacrifices needed to have a family, big or small. Nights out, new outfits, extended high flying holidays – well they may not be so plentiful once the patter of tiny feet is a constant in your life. Our research found that the biggest sacrifices parents make in order to have a big family is not replacing the car as often (72%), not eating out as much (70%), going out less (68%), spending less on themselves (68%) and going on fewer holidays (67%).

At laya healthcare we’re doing our part to help too with our Kids Go Free – a great family offer on our most popular family scheme Essential Connect Family. Our 'Kids Go Free' offer is available from 1st January 2017 until 28th February 2017, and covers second and subsequent children on the Essential Connect Family scheme for free, no matter how many children there are on the scheme.  Premium for the first child on Essential Connect Family costs €227.24 per year. This applies to all new and renewing customers from 1 January 2017.

Our research also revealed the most popular celebrity big families, with Jamie Oliver’s clan topping the poll. The Kardashians were the ‘least admired’ with 67% of Irish Mums and Dads not approving of the headline grabbing family. 

Most admired big family


Olivers (Jamie)






Miriam O’Callaghan


Von Trapps


O’Gara’s (Ronan)


Brady Bunch






Ramseys (Gordon)


Our research found that the top five signs that demonstrated you grew up in large family are:

  • You had to share a bedroom
  • Parents calling you by a sibling’s name 
  • Constant queues for the bathroom
  • No such thing as privacy
  • Family holidays were ALWAYS in Ireland 

For more information please visit or call 021 202 2000 to join today. 


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