Stress Buster Series

This stress reduction webinar series is geared towards employees who want to reduce the stress they are facing as part of a hectic lifestyle. Delivered online, through a 5-day video series, Stress Busters provides practical strategies for managing stress, helping to improve feelings of anxiety and stress in different situations and in return, allows your employees to get the most out of their lives in work and at home. 

This 1 week programme comprises of 5 pre-recorded 30 minute webinars, delivered on demand, plus 5 daily emails with tips and worksheets.

Our psychologist will cover topics such as:

  1. How to recharge physically, mentally and emotionally
  2. How to harness stress to spur productivity
  3. Some techniques for calming down, including venting and meditating 
  4. Some tips on improving the quantity and the quality of your sleep
  5. Work life balance and how to make the most of your time at home
  6. Managing time spent online
  7. How to leave a bad day at the office door

Stress Busters is delivered by Dr. Richard Meacham, a counselling psychologist and a current graduate member of the Psychological Society of Ireland. Richard attained his undergraduate degree in Psychology and Philosophy from University Limerick, concurrently completing a Diploma in Drug and Alcohol Studies and subsequently completing a Masters degree in Applied Psychology from Trinity College Dublin. Richard continued his professional training doing a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology from Trinity College Dublin.

Stress Busters can be delivered to an unlimited number of participants.

What's covered?

Marketing and support

Registration support

Reporting & analysis