MindScore is an online mental health assessment used to identify and educate around possible mental health issues and direct participants to accessible treatment paths such as EAP, eLearning or wider support groups. A companywide approach to address and tackle mental health issues in this way, can go a long way to reducing stigma associated with mental health.

  • Participants complete an online, 100% confidential questionnaire which uses evidence based diagnostic tools to determine an overall score for the level of mental health at that time.
  • Each participant will be given a MindScore out of 100 along with a personalised report, outlining their results and recommending next steps for building on and improving their score.
  • The report will appear instantly on the employee’s web browser, or alternatively, participants can choose to have the report delivered to their inbox as a pdf.
  • In addition to the personal report, corporate clients with a headcount of over 100 will received a corporate report giving the company an overall MindScore and aggregate, anonymous data and how it scored in each section over various demographics and departments.

MindScore has been developed by Ireland’s leading clinical and counselling psychologists. The online questionnaire can be completed on any device, phone, laptop or desktop, meaning employees can complete the assessment anytime, anywhere.

There is no restriction on the number of participants who can complete the assessment.

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