Marathon Training

This programme is a perfect follow on from 10k training to keep participants engaged, motivated and focused on their wellbeing. We know Marathon training is much more than just the physical act of running so we offer participants a comprehensive training package that will successfully prepare anybody for a marathon in 24 weeks. This may seem daunting, so the programme is broken down into different goals;10k, ½ Marathon & Full Marathon. We pull in our expert team of Fitness Instructors, Sports Dietitians, Physiotherapists, Psychologists & Podiatrists at different stages to cover every aspect of marathon training, guaranteeing results. 

This is a 24 week programme where training 5 days a week is expected. Weekly emails are sent with tips, advice & running schedule for the week ahead. The programme is 24 weeks in its entirety but there are different start dates set for different running levels. Complete beginners will train from week 1 for the whole 24 weeks. While other runners feed into the programme along the way at the appropriate stage that matches their current running ability.

We do ask that employee’s email us with their interest in participating with their current running ability from the following options:

  • I am a Total Beginner
  • I can run 5K
  • I can run 10K

Once subscription has closed, they receive an email confirming their registration is successful and information on what week they will join the run programme and they will receive their weekly email from their start date.

If someone misses a supervised run session they can stick with the programme as we always highlight that they don't have to do their runs on specific days and can follow the programme we have emailed through.

Marathon training is challenging and can be easy to give up on, especially when you take it on alone. For this reason, we encourage employees to form an internal run club through which they can support and motivate each other and train together according to our running schedule. The start date of the programme should be worked back so that it ends the week before a local marathon.

A running coach will deliver the programme. There will be regular meet ups with our expert team, consisting of a:

  • Running Coach
  • Sports Dietitian: 30/40-minute information session and Q& A on sports nutrition to maximise performance etc.
  • Physiotherapists: 30/40-minute information session and Q& A on Injury prevention, rehab, importance of massage
  • Podiatrists:  Footwear
  • Psychologists: 30/40-minute information session and Q& A on Positive Thinking

Maximum number of 20 participants per running group

What's covered?

Marketing and support

Registration support

Reporting and analysis