Food Demonstration

Life is getting busier than ever and health is paying the price. We are relying heavily on processed and convenience foods in order to save time. Unfortunately this is leading to an increase in overweight & obesity, lack of energy and overall decreased health. Many people lack the basic skills to prepare nutritious and budget friendly meals at home or they struggle to prepare food whilst keeping up with life’s demands.

The 90 min demo includes preparation of 2 healthy breakfast ideas and 2 healthy lunches and 1 snack. Focus will be on making healthy foods in a timely and affordable manner. The food demonstration will cover a selection from the following topics:
• Eating for Energy
• Healthy food for a Healthy Weight
• Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart
• Food for Fitness
• Healthy Eating on a Budget
• Quick and Health meals On-the-Go
• Healthy Eating on a Plant Based Diet
• Healthy and Gluten Free Meals

This programme is delivered by a nutritionist.