6 & 12 Week Weight Loss

This programme will provide the knowledge and support to get started with healthy behaviours which support weight loss and maintenance, while also serving as an introduction to the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. This programme will give the employee the knowledge and practical skills to ensure they can maintain the weight loss achieved during the programme and continue with sustainable healthy habits after weight loss is completed.

This programme is run over 6 or 12 weeks with weekly meetings, along with weekly e-learning material. Both the 6 and 12 week programmes are structured and are delivered in the same way.

The 12 week programme is designed towards more gradual change. The 6 week programme however is designed to be more intensive. We expect the outcomes will be the same for both, but depending on schedules you may opt for one or the other.

The first session includes initial weigh in and progress track diary. The nutritionist will meet up with employees onsite for a weigh in and to discuss previous weeks’ success, along with a discussion around a different theme each week.

Every other week each participant will receive online content outlining a different healthy recipe, along with an 8-10 minute video covering topics such as building your plate, healthy snacking, dealing with cravings and batch cooking.

This programme is delivered by a nutritionist. 

10 participants per group.

What's covered?

Marketing and support

Registration support

Reporting & analysis