Vision Screening

Eyesight screening can be undertaken at your office by one of our trained medical professionals in accordance with our protocol on vision screening. This test establishes the visual status of an individual with regard to the appropriate criteria required for their work situation i.e. VDU operators. 

The Keystone eye test will allow you as an employer to comply with the Health and Safety Authority guidelines.

Tests: The test includes near, distant and middle vision screen, with colour vision, depth perception and peripheral field tests. In line with best practice we carry out the vision screening using the Keystone view VS-11 vision screener.

Employee report: Relevant advice will be given to the employee and, if appropriate, referral would be made to visit an optician to obtain a more detailed test or prescription.  

Corporate report: We will provide your company with a report with the findings of the screening. This will summarise the employees who need further referral. 

It is delivered by a qualified medical professional. 

Minimum number of 20 and maximum of 40 participants a day.

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