Covid-19 (coronavirus)

Looking after you always has never been more important

These are uncertain times. The world has changed in a way we don't recognise but, for us, we'll carry on as normal.

We've increased the size of our team to offer additional front-line healthcare support for you and your loved ones.

This team is strong. Made up of a broad range of health & wellbeing professionals - from GPs and Nurses to Customer Care agents and support staff.

This team will maintain our award-winning customer service, and ensure your continued access to the right care, expertise and support.

Looking after you always.

Helpful Covid-19 (coronavirus) Resources

Playbooks for HR Leaders

Through their approach to wellbeing, HR leaders can play a defining role in helping employees feel valued and cared for. Access your playbook on how to support the transition – both operationally and at a human level – back to the workplace. 

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